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Vermin Goes To Ground

Ahendepe shudders as he regains consciousness, he is driving a car down a familiar road into the sunrise.

He recognizes the temple of consumption.

He has driven by this tabernacle of trash approximately 8320 times, he notices the linear mathematical relationship between his number of passes, morning and night, and the height of the dump. He has prospered.

He approaches the machine, will it accept him? Will he get to grasp at the grocery spigot today?

The green light flashes he is accepted. He has humbly asked permission to play the game another day and it has been granted.

He sees familiar faces, they are busy people.

He has known these people a long time and has grown to love them. He has seen their births, deaths, weddings and divorces. They have watched each other grow old. He says “Good morning sunshine! How are you” they reply “Fine thanks, and you?

They don’t know he has been gone.

At the coffee machine his cubemate asks “so, how was your trip”

Ahendepe says “fine”

He sits down and notices the red light blinks on his phone. He can’t remember his password. There is a familiar tightening in his chest.

A) Chest loosener (Nitro)

B) Liquid enthusiasm

C) Red light reminds him that he has forgotten to put the “I will be out of the office message” on everything.

D) Unauthorized non-5S compliant personal effects with a picture of Sweet Thang surrounded by their larva.

Vermin has crawled back into his hole.

The End

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Bless his pea pickin heart

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