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Day 5

August 30

The same view as last photo in the morning.

I hopped back on the road and did some more highway riding. I found a cool place just off the highway.

anyplace that has visitor motorcycle parking has to be pretty cool right?

It was the AMA motorcycle museum/ hall of fame, or something like that.

this is the one I want, everyone would have to respect it.

Dont know about the wooden wheels though, probably not much traction in the rain

I rode big highways all the way to just north of Cincinati. I pulled into a shop and they helped make my tire seat, which was really a bitch, I had already tried putting 90lbs of air in it, and that didnt help. So for a "ten spot" I got a nice smoothly beaded front tire .

I rolled through Cinncinatti, which (sorry to anyone who lives there) really seemed like a shithole. The whole way thru I didnt see a single neighborhood that I would want to live in.

On the south side of Cincinnati there was this bridge, I am sure somebody knows what it is. Its all metal and you feel like its gonna throw you off everytime you hit a new piece of the grooved metal. I managed to hang on, and got a hotel just south of Cin in Covington, KY or somehting like that.
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