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Day 6

August 31

My goal for today was to make it to my sister's house in Louisville, KY. Shouldnt bee too hard, as its right down the road.

I took the road that goes right by the river for a while. It was very scenic, and it was a beautiful day to ride.

I found my way into Louisville easily enough, and went downtown to hang out until my sister got off of work.

Louisville is a pretty chill town. The sensor at the parking deck wouldnt recognize my bike (weight sensor or something) so the parking attendant just told me to park it next to him. Didnt make me pay or anything

Eventually my sis got off of work, and told me how to get to her house.

She took me to Lynn's (somthing like that) a restaurant in Louisville. If you ever have the chance, go for it. They have good food and really really wierd decor. There's no other place like it. That is for sure! no photos cuz my camera was uploading and I didnt bring it .
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