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Help I've got NO BRAKES!

** I just posted this in the Thumpers forum too, so its a copy and paste, any help is really really appreciated**

I am 6000 miles into my trip, and I broke my brakes (i think?)

Here's what happened. I was riding, and my bike felt really wierd, I didnt know what it was at first, but I felt like I didnt have any power, and really didnt feel connected to the road, like I was sliding everywhere (dirt road, but good dirt road).

So I pull over, and hop off. I smell brakes. My front brake is basically locked. A guy on an ATV pulls over and helps me out (I'm not too good with the tools, but at least I was carrying a bunch of them). We open the bleeder valve (i think) and it spits out a little brake fluid. Voila! I can ride again. But the problem is it keeps coming back. I didnt let it get that bad, but had to release the pressure again once on the way back to the hotel... well actually on the way to the library to type this.

So what is the deal? My brakes are pretty much shot, but I dont think that has anything to do with it.

I was on some really intense ATV/4WD trails in Moab (meaning I dropped it twice HARD on rocks, once on each side) and me and the bike really took a pounding. I just installed Acerbis barkbusters the other day, and now they are both scratched up, but I dont think that had anything to do with it. I was not really using the front brake that much, as there was a lot of sand and mud and dirt and loose rocks and whatnot.

So help me out!


For the last 6000 miles or so, my front brake has been so loose that I can squeeze it all the way against the throttle. I know thats probably not good, and maybe has something to do with it???

Any advice, ideas, help you guys can offer is greatly appreciated, as always.

I am on my way to South America, and it'd be nice to have a front brake most of the way.



figured out what was wrong with my brakes. I am an idiot apparently, that was all that was wrong... but thats one of the harder things to fix.

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