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The journey continues...

KootenayK - yeah, I bet he shat himself! Man, that has to be scary...yikes!

Woodgrain - I'll reply to your PM in a day or so. Glad to be of service!

Here's another shot of the road:

Charlie's Hill is the steepest on what is generally a pretty straightforward road, and it's a good idea to be they give you a warning!

The approach may be in a 25 kmh speed limit, but no one (not even security) is going to have a problem with your picking it up to 40 or even 50 kmh if you think you need to.

It isn't a terribly steep hill, but there's a false top, and you'd want to make sure no-one was coming the other way before you head up. Two trucks can pass on it, but it's not commonly done. It's not always sanded as well as you'd like, and generally speaking if you're going to spin out somewhere, this'll be the place... this truck belonging to The Red Army did. He'd hardly even began to climb the hill, and refused to back down to take another run at it, so we had to wait for something like 2 hours for him to put his chains on and get going. Can't remember whether he needed a tow or not, too. He said that the truck had been in the shop all day, that he'd been late leaving town because they were still working on it. When he finally got going, the gas pedal was sticking or something - it wouldn't spring back far enough to let the rpms drop, and so it was difficult to shift. That's what happened here, a failed shift. I have a pic of the hole his tires dug somewhere - I'll go look.

Hmm...that shot isn't going to win me any awards!

Here's one of the lower parking lot at Lockhart at night.

I think the doofus with his headlights on Oops! That Western Star wouldn't let you turn the main lights off unless the brakes were set, and as I've already discussed, that ain't gonna happen. I seem to remember there was a bypass switch we'd rigged up so that you could overcome this problem. Apparently I wasn't in the habit of using it. (Like I said - doofus!)

Me trying to be clever again.

Ravens scavenging a caribou carcass left by some hunters.

And lastly, Lac de Gras maintenance camp. Only trucks on their way to or from the far end of the road (Lupin and Tahera mines) are allowed to stop here, although every truck passing it, no matter where you're going to or from, must radio in to dispatch there. It's a cosy camp, always very quiet too. Nice place.

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