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Originally Posted by brad21
Jerry is right, those "Best in the Desert" guys are trashing the roads out there. Granted they are remote and probably get used once every blue moon, but they are long-lasting changes. I rode some roads that obviously weren't used this year but they were still whooped out from who knows how long ago. I also came across some course marking signs that weren't picked up as well as some water bottles and such, wheels and tires, etc... I think maybe they oughta sweep better and rehab the trails a bit. Tall order I know...
Sadly, i know exactly from which you speak. Many areas are "trashed" so to speak. I live here and am ashamed from time to time when i get out somewhere remote and see signs left from who knows when, showing me i live in a world that values fast food and canned beverage. Can't say enough good about the burning man crew, that cleans up after 35K + revelors and "leaves no trace".
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