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Day 8 Sunday September 2

I left Louisville in the morning and headed north.

About 30 miles into my trip I notice this

I know that's a shit picture, but my clutch cable is fraying... bad. I felt a snap as I pulled in the clutch for a stop and checked it out. Not looking so hot, and of course its Sunday. And of course tomorrow is Labor day, so no hope of an open shop until tuesday.

I ride on trying to avoid using the clutch as much as possible, and just do lots and lots of miles, without stopping.

Somewhere along the line I decide to head for Canada, they ought to have an open shop on monday right? (I now know better).

Lots of boring miles through farmland and whatnot, not much interesting, and I really wasnt trying to stop and snap photos every 5 miles because of my clutch.

I did get this one at a gas station though

its kinda in the middle of nowhere Indiana. They dont have the credit card in the pump thing, but they do have soy biodiesel. Sign of the times.

I ended up in Monroe, MI.

Ate at a little out of the way pizza shop and had a sub and a ginger ale.

Stayed at a craptacular hotel just off of the freeway for $43. Everything in the room was broken it seemed like. And anything that wasnt broken was definitely stained, or missing. But I did get some sleep, so i guess that's what counts.
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