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Day 9 Monday September 3

Woke up and booked it to the border. Got thru without much of a hastle, the border guard was kind of an asshole, but I guess most border guards are.

I had some trouble finding an ATM that took my card. Apparently because an ATM has a VISA symbol doesnt mean that you're VISA card is going to work in it . Oh well, I found one at a bank.

The Canadian countryside

I made it into London, ON without my clutch breaking on me and found the Honda dealer I had looked up yesterday. Learned something new Labor day in US = Labour day in Canada. Well at least my clutch cable didnt break yet.

I got a cheap hotel in London for $55. Everything is so expensive in Canada. Gas isnt really that bad when compared with other stuff. A fast food meal was almost $10 a candybar $1.50. Canadian prices of course, but the exchange rate is like .95US=1CAN so its really almost the same, and everything has a VAT of 14 or 17 percent or something, so stuff gets expensive quick. That's probably what surprised me most in Canada.
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