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Day 10 Tuesday Sept 4

I woke up early and went to the dealer I had picked out. They dont have a cable. So they send me over to another dealer, who also doesnt have the cable. But this parts guy is pretty cool. He finds out I am from Charlotte, and he is a BIG NASCAR fan , so I play along and tell him about the new Hall of Fame going up in Charlotte. He calls a third dealer, and they DO have a clutch cable .

So I roll over to Hully Gully and they hook me up with a clutch cable. I have them put it on while I wander around their store. Its pretty impressive, the nicest motorcycle dealership I have ever been in, but then all the ones around Charlotte are pretty crappy.

took some photos outside while I was waiting

the dealership

me waiting, playing with the camera

they fixed me up right quick, and I hit the road, headed for toronto, but got distracted by hunger in after about 15 minutes.

Lunch at some Chinese joint, curry chicken, pretty decent, and not terribly expensive by Canadian standards.

I wandered towards toronto. Apparently I got off at the wrong exit, and got lost in the horribly horribly gigantic suburbs of Toronto. I was pretty sure that I didnt want to pony up big bucks for a hotel in downtown Toronto, and I didnt really want to stay in a suburb of anything for any large amount of time, so I decided to head out.

I eat dinner at Mario's American Italian restaurant, and head north.

It starts to rain pretty soon. I pull out my rain pants, and apparently they got put up wet almost a week ago, so they smell moldy.

I take back roads and get kinda lost, but eventually stumble into a town called Orillia. The Bay View Hotel doesnt look so expensive, so I pop in.

I walk in after a 300+ mile day of lots of dirt and exhaust fumes, smelling like moldy rain pants, and wet underneath my rain gear, with a half grown in goatee, and of course its gonna be a day like that when the receptionist and her friend are rediculously beautiful.

They tell me that apprently there is a Casino right down the street, and they have poker. That's cool, we chat for a bit and then I go get cleaned up and take the shuttle to the Casino.

I only play poker @ a casino, so that's where I headed. Lost $70 or so at the $1/$2 no limit table, I just hung around too long, and the rake was killing all of us.

Headed to the bar and had a couple drinks before calling it a night.
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