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Day 11, Wednesday September 5

Woke up kinda late (of course I didnt get back till half past two).

Bay View Hotel in the morning (no pretty receptionist in the morning )

took some backroads, most of which looked roughly like this

Wound my way up to the Bruce Peninsula, which is a pretty cool place.

Wow, that musta been a helluva storm that tossed that buoy up onto land .

Set up camp at Lands End Park. I do hate spending $25 to camp, but not so much as I hate spending 80 - 100 on an iffy hotel.

As I was setting up camp, I was sitting on the picnic table doing something, and this guy just climbs up right next to me and starts messing with my stuff.

Ballsy little fellow, him and his friends were running amuck all night.

I tried to get some pics of my bike and the sunset that night

Then a guy walking past volunteered to take one of me with the bike.

He was pretty cool, rode his FJR (i think, thats the yamaha right?) up from Quebec. He told me the story of his brother riding a Harley all the way to South America, then cracking his block, and riding it all the way back pissing oil. Well I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.
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