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I just did a 5000 mile, 11-day TAT/asphalt ride on my 06 F650 GS. I agree with one of the posters here; it does not vibrate in a traditional, buzzy, make your hands numb sense. At 4500 RPM (75 mph with a 44T rear sproket), the bike likes it there. As with all D/S bikes, the GS is a compromise. I commute 100 miles a day on it and its perfect for that. 62-65 mpg, smooth, agile and competent. If you want to off-road, the trouble starts. The fat 19 in front tire does not belong off road and if you start loading up with camp gear, clothing etc. you'd better lower your expectations if you think you're going to do powerslides in the dirt. You will find yourself on your butt. BTW, the new '08 KLR has gained 50 lbs, the new Beemer 650 cross country has lost 50 lbs as compared to the GS, but also has lost 2 gallons of gas capacity, now only 3 gal's on board instead of 5.
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