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Abnormal loads

Hi BlueLightning,

I haven't seen the show yet (still waiting for my DVD to arrive), but I expect it is embellished because that would make better TV. It's not a hard job other than the weather and the sleep deprivation, really. Although going through the ice is a possibility, I don't think it's a very strong one. So yeah, I'm sure it's not as hard as they make out in the show, but don't tell anyone else who reads this thread that!

What's this in the distance?


It wouldn't be my idea of fun to haul one of these things up there. South of Lockhart the portages can be pretty 'tippy', and with a load that has a centre of gravity this high...

...your nerves would be all shot to hell by the time you got there. I'm guessing these things (fuel tanks bound for Diavik) don't weigh much, otherwise they wouldn't need the added traction of the bags of cement.

Here they are parked at Lockhart

And at the Meadows, a small dispatch/staging area just a couple of clicks after you turn off the Ingraham trail on to the ice at Tibbett Lake. The ice freezes right down to the ground here so there's no concerns with stopping and parking on the ice.

Don't know what happened to the quality of that pic. I have more shots of other abnormal loads somewhere, being hauled on tandem tridems etc. Later...

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