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Originally Posted by Truckin_Thumper
You'll have to make yer own frame, make room for an aluminum heat shield.
Thats the only way.
Thats what I figured... the xt225 stuff doesnt work on ours huh?

Anyone know how to make the thing easier to kick start?

Mine is an absolute bear to start. Maybe its just me, maybe it will just take time to get used to its quirks. But it also seems like it is lacking fuel when cruising at about 4k rpm. Im gonna pull the spark plug tonight and see what the crystal ball tells me.

Anyone know if the electrical system can handle heated grips?

Anyone know how to re-wrap the generator to put out more watts?

Is the thing I read true, does the xt350 generator put out around 28v and/or cause problems with the electrical system?
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