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This is "Devils Gate". What is it with all the references to Satan?

Got up this canyon to here where I spotted 3 Coyotes at a watering hole. Turned off the motor and they just stood there and checked me out. Kind of a Where's Waldo picture, but if you look closely in the middle of the pic you can see one Coyote. I think he was pooping.

Wound around thru this really cool mining site and popped up on top of the hill to the Gilbert Mine, where I had 3 bars on my cell phone! Gave the wife and kids a call.

Munched on some jerky and headed out again. Another coyote ran across the road in front of me but I missed the pic.

This is the actual "town" of Gilbert.

Down the hill and across a wide open valley I could see something big and dark in the trail ahead. As I got closer this is what it was.

Now, you just never know about wild horses, but as soon as I started riding towards him he turned and ran down the trail ahead of me, twisting his neck to look back at me with one big eye. Kinda funny. Then he bolted off the side of the trail and turned to look at me again. Not sure where the rest of his herd was...

Uh oh, I think the racecourse is close again...

Sure enough, I made a left turn and the trail turned to crap again. The picture above is Kibby Flat Well.

Some dude had a private mine up there and it was clearly marked as such. See his truck down there?


I climbed and climbed and climbed and eventually peaked out at 8000' near the Drew Mine. Time for a Clif Bar. I was a bit worn out after the bumpy ascension. I found a couple of racecourse signs out here so it was definitely part of the course this year.

The view from up top, then down the other side...

Eventually I popped out in Mina.

Gassed up and got a Mountain Dew. The lady that ran the show here was not very talkative.

Downtown Mina. Nice place to visit but...

I asked Chatty Cathy how far to Hawthorne and she said about 30 miles "the back way". Okay then...

More critters, center of pic...

I'm not sure what was going on here, but this entire dry lake was fenced off. I didn't investigate further, but should have...

Heading up into Rattlesnake Canyon looking back at Garfield Flat.

Probably some sort of Hydrogeologic survey site or something...

Eventually I came to a section of trail I had been on before and at this point I had to make a decision. Should I backtrack and check out the Cabin in the Rock or should I just motor on to Hawthorne. It would add about 40 miles roundtrip from here... nahhhh... onward to Hawthorne.

The wind was howling on the way into town and I was getting sprinkled upon.

Check out the flags...

Shopped around a bit for a cheap hotel and ended up here. Went to Maggies(?) for a late lunch and free Wi-Fi (had my Palm TX with me) had a great burger, hosed off the nasty DRZ and headed back to the room after getting a couple of microbrews at the mini-mart.

Time for a nice hot shower...

more later...
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