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First things first: Glad I had my own along.

And the breakfast of chammpeeeennnnsssss!

132 miles yesterday and I would have to do about that to get back to Reno today. I knew some of the route was going to be fast, but there were a couple of unknown sections.

Such as...

This shoulda been my first clue, but I found a route up and around this gate and there weren't any no trespassing signs or anything. Actually the next gate said "please close gate" so I knew I was kinda okay.

This is Cory Canyon.

This road went up. And up. And up. Beautiful, and not too cold.

Then, 14 miles up I run into this:

Now I'm generally not one to mess with the US Government (except at tax time) but I needed to be on the other side of that gate. I looked for alternatives...

No dice. So I hightailed it back down the canyon and managed to not ride off the edge of one of the switchbacks.

One hour later I'm at the top of Lucky Boy Pass...again. Damnit.

Now I kinda gotta haul some ass to make up for the hour I just burned. A "locked gate 14 miles ahead" sign would've saved me a bunch of time. The view was nice though.

First snow of the season.

Here's where I would've come down.

Oh well, next stop, Flying M.

The search has been way scaled back since I passed by here last week.

Nice to have money huh?

No cop eyeballing me this time...

From here it was 60 mph into Smith Valley. Even with my heavy gloves on my hands got cold. Topped off, grabbed a burger and a cup o' joe and called it good.

Wilson Canyon in between Smith Valley and Yerington. Looks like fun.

Back up the valley past Nevada Hot Springs. Well, what's left of 'em...

This creek was steaming.

2k4 Wee-Strom, black, farkled, smells like bacon.
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