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To get back to the fuel aspect; I decided to go this way.

My reasoning was that we were going to need to carry the extra fuel for the first 2-3 days. The route we wanted to take would also require us to carry extra fuel on the last two days. I wasn't keen on carting around 30 litre containers for the whole trip. With these wine bags it would not be a problem as they can fold up small and be packed away until needed again.

I couldn't find any reference to some-one else having tried this. So what I did was to do a test by filling one with fuel and leaving it for two weeks. There appeared to be no deterioration in the bag and the fuel was still clear. I also had my daughter jump up and down on one to test the strength, no problem there either. All I needed to do was to make sure that they are packed properly so that they don't chafe.

This is where the Kappa soft panniers came in. This would also be the first trip that I would do with panniers.

Each side carried 3 x 5 litre bags even though the manufacturer specifies only 5kg carrying capacity per bag. To assist the bags I put a strap around them as can be seen in this pic. (Also notice how it brings the weight low and in front of the rear axle)

Well, as it turns out it was a bad idea. The bags expand from the excessive heat and the foil part cannot contain the pressure. Luckily the plastic inner lining can expand so I never lost any fuel.

At least I learned something new. If anyone should come up with such a hare brained scheme again, I will be able to crap all over them.

As for the Kappa bags, I'm a convert now. Gets the weight exactly where you want it and it laughs in the face of adversity. I washed them two days ago and they look like new.

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