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Let's finish this little tale, shall we?

Looking back down the hill, Mound House and the "ranch" in the distance:





So I'm up on the ridge between VC and Washoe Valley, almost back to my brother and sister-in-laws place. I feel it ending soon. My gps is telling me that there's another route down that connects to the Toll Road route that I took up when I left. I'm in!

My first hint should've been the lack of tracks. Of any kind.

Most of the trail wasn't this bad, but there were a few spots like the above pics that I needed to get off the bike and scout ahead. I didn't hear any cougars or bears so I was good with it still.

Then this:

The boards were way to precarious, even walking across. One actually dropped in the creek bed when I put my foot on it. I did think for about 10 seconds about pushing the bike across but figgered if I fell in that ditch I was SOL and would be hiking the rest of the way back to the truck.

Back up the hill, bear poop on the right??

Uneventful ride back down the Toll Road and back to the truck. Whew! It's over! 179 miles on this last day for 520 total in three days.

Thanks for reading!

PS all my pics are here...

Northward bound:

and southward bound here:
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