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Thanks for all the comments folks. Couple things of note regarding this solo ride...

a) I had a personal locator beacon with me that I rented from these guys, just in case:

b) my cell phone worked in a lot of places you would think it wouldn't. Thanks Unicel!

c) I rode totally within my limits and at times I was thinking to myself "man, I am just putting along huh?"

d) I only fell down once and I don't think I actually hit the ground. Can't remember. I did however drop the bike a couple of times trying to turn around. Pretty heavy beast full of gas and camping stuff.

e) I had a spare GPS unit and RAM cradle with me in my backpack and a lot of batteries. One basic NV/UT paper map with me, wished I had had a couple good BLM maps too.

f) spare clutch cable, didn't need it in the end.

g) trickle charged my battery before I left just to make sure it was good to go. Never had any problems with the bike, but like I said I kinda rode in "self preservation" mode a lot. There was a lot to see out there and I wanted to look around versus having to pay super close attention to the trail all the time.

h) I can count on one hand how many people I saw out there in the middle of nowhere. Desolate for sure.

i) my gps tracks were pretty easy to follow. Only had a few instances where I was off track and had to turn around or follow a different route to connect back.

j) I carried two full 2 liter Camelbak bladders in my pack most of the time. On the way home it was cool so I only carried one and a half. I also had a Katadyn filter in my bag, but sent it home with my clothes and computer from Pahrump.
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