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Hi Rob-
nice report and thanks for making this ride happen - with the rain forecast and the gloomy day I would have stayed home and probably end up working

Instead had a fun day, met a bunch of nice like-minded folks, and got wet only at the very end of the ride home-

Great pictures, the one w/the Utah-like granite formation is my PC's wallpaper now - thanks also for not posting the one with my bike laying down for a nap on the FR115 hill- Glad also there is no record of the encounter with the police officer who mistook my attempt to bring under control my unruly steed- Even more glad that once used my secret weapon (took helmet off and showed my grey hair) and admitted to ktm-induced foolishness he did the right thing and let me off the hook -

Re: the second half of the ride I knew you would have liked the 'big rock' and the trails that led to it. I look forward to exploring some more the many dual-track, quad and not-so-quad trails above Cle-Elum. I marked a few intersections with interesting trails leading away from the 'no-vehicale area' the hunters mentioned. Given this week rains those powdery trails will go up a notch in challenge, esp. on our portly bikes.

Now we have an east-west route to teaneway road, my goal is to carve an all dirt (minimal gravel) route from ronald to the upper teanaway, w/out doing full blown singletrack scary-for-me stuff.

Anyway thanks again for motivating me to get my ass out of the house, and for leading the ride.

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