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Originally Posted by Donkey Hotey
Congrats on the new purchase. Now go smack your friend around for leaving that bike outside. It's good to see that it still has the low exhaust. It really doesn't look that bad in the photos.

There are fewer and fewer of these bikes around. There was just an auction on eBay with one complete bike that had been modified to high exhaust and he had a parts bike that would probably never roll again. That's two fewer bikes in this world.

Very, very rare beasts indeed. Looking forward to getting the serial number from yours and seeing more pics.
LOL ... Yeah - but California was too far away for me.... Plus, I do know the previous/original owner ... If I hadn't have known him.. I probably would have walked away - there are some serious signs of exterior neglect.. I would have worried bout the internal condiion - but it runs strong, and the motor was taken care of - you can see the hoses are in good shape - with little addition to the fuel lines - etc... The only mechanical issue I have is the clutch is softish/mushy feeling... Charlie (the PO) said the it's always been that way... My SXC is NOT like it - so I am hoping it's something simple to fix....

I like the pipes - but have a few issues with em - they aren't rusty but it looks like the nickle plating has REAALLLY discolored itself in places - ala sitting outside.. I am debating getting em jet hotted silver (would be a flat color - but would match the rest of the bike as most of the metal while NOT rusty has more of a dull finish). They are heavy too, but I like water crossings .. The low pipes are a cause for concern in that area.. A buddy has just gotten into making high mount shorty cans for SM bikes... THinking bout possibly pulling the cans and getting some aftermarket one and having him bend some pipe and make shorty cans for the ends ala the dakar rallye version
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