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Today is the day all of us have been looking forward to. Today we reach the coast and the next leg of our trip starts. About 200km of deserted beach and dunes. Woohoo!

We are ready for some of this.

Surprisingly my bike starts without too much kicking and we head out to find the river mouth.

And this is what it looks like where the Kunene enters the sea.

We cannot contain our joy. We made it. We feel a lovely sense of accomplishment.Now our beach holiday starts.

We celebrate with a breakfast of biltong and Stroh rum.

Hennie goes of to go catch something for the pot.

We are in angler's Mecca. By all reports, this place is swarming with fish. You can throw almost anything at the sea and pull fish out. A bite per cast they say.

Well, they don't know Hennie.

On the way through Namibia we had to stop in Keetmanshoop and Mariental. We spent what felt like hours in the heat waiting for Hennie and Fred who was looking for rods and tackle. I started having my doubts when Hennie asked what a swivel was at the one shop. The idea is that we spend a couple of days living off the sea here. Hmmmmm.

One of the policemen is fishing with a handline. Hennie uses the same bait and casts right next to him. The policeman pulls out four cob. Hennie pulls out the bait he cast in.

Don't know what happened here but it looks like it was funny.

Nardus taking the ATGATT thing a tad too far.

The river provides plenty driftwood.

While Hennie is out proving that angling needs skill, Fred sorts out a slow puncture. I also strip the 640 again and start isolating parts and testing. I'm slowly starting to suspect the battery again.

Hennie returns with great fanfare. He successfully bought these fish off the policeman for R50. We applaud him for setting a record as the only person ever to come to Angola and catch buggerall.

My carrier rack becomes an imprompto cutting board.

Fresh fish tastes much better than shop fish. No doubt about that.

The wind picks up and starts sweeping the beach.

On these wastelands there's nothing to stop it. If you need shelter, you'd better make a shelter.

Behind the shelter sand continuously sifts down on us. Fred's ear is starting it's own beach.

Later in the afternoon we can't take it anymore and decide to head out.

We move inland to join a marked track.

We find it.

It quickly dissapears under the sand though and it turns into a guessing game.

So we move down to the beach again.

We would have liked so much to play on the dunes but we cannot. Our fuel situation is bordering on serious. We are either just going to make it or just not going to make it.

The riding on the beach is lovely though.

Nardus looks over his shoulder to see if the next rider is coming and the 950 promptly shakes him off. KTMs are like that. They like for you to pay attention to them. They want you to be committed. A lot like women actually.

Some places the dunes move away from the sea but you have to stick with them. Usually there are lagoons and if you stay on the shoreline you have to backtrack tens of kms to get around them.

See what I mean?

We find a spot to overnight.

Sunset over the sea. We live on the other side of the continent. We are used to a sunrise over the sea.

Fresh mussels for dinner. Very tasty.

Yeah, life is good in Africa.

The day's riding had been easier than we expected. I know that Fred especially had been worried, because every time we have hit sand so far, he had had a hard time. Knowing that we had 200km of beach and dunes on the way must have weighed a bit on his mind.

After today though, we are all relaxed and full of confidence.

Little did we know what we were in for the following day. Another teaser.

PS. I'll get to the next installment soon. One day max.

continued here

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