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Originally Posted by jonz
I had the same experience a year ago when trying to get to Montana for the start of our Continental Divide ride. Ended up with Penske. The phone quote was no better than anyone else but when I showed up and talked with the guy there, I found what vehicles he had too many of sitting in the lot. The price dropped from over $1000 to just under $400 for a 12' box. He gave that to me cheaper than a pickup. They give a AAA discount.
^that's probably the best bet.

If you absolutely must have a pickup truck U-Haul rents them too.

What kind of bike are you bringing? You could get creative with an SUV or Mini-Van from one of the Rental Agencies as well. Hertz etc doesn't want you renting a Pickup from them One-Way 'cause they don't have many of them in their local fleets to begin with and they are sooo easy to rent out. I'd rather rent an F150 for $70/day from Avis than $19 +$.08/mile locally from U-Hual.
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