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More of Day 2

I did manage to find Elgin Cathedral. Hard to miss, really.

If your interested, you can read more about the cathedral here.

Graves, monuments, and memorials are always interesting, if sometimes a bit morbid. If you have an interest in symbols, these sites can tell much of who these people were (or at least who the people that commissioned the grave stone thought the dead were). Again the dates that are carried on these stones strike a kind of wonder in me. Where I grew up, a two hundred year old grave is really ancient.

The craftsmanship and detail is really amazing. Almost 800 years and these arches are still standing.

As you wonder around you come across this Pictish standing stone. I probably dates from the 800-1000 AD era.

on the other side you find this

The chapter house is very impressive, I love the roof.

Alright back on the road for a different "spiritual" experience.

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