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Even more of Day 2

Elgin is also home to the Glen Moray Whisky Distillery. I am new to whisky, but I figure late is better than never. Notice a) the spelling of whisky, in Scotland a point is made that it is always without the E and b) that I didn't call it scotch. Apparently in Scotland, scotch refers to blended whisky. Single malt whisky is not scotch.

At any rate Glen Moray uses hot air dried malt, and onion shaped stills that is common of the Spey side distillers.

of course the aging process also plays a large role in the final taste of the whisky. Typically American bourbon barrels are used to age the spirit, but sherry, chardonnay, and brandy have also been used. Barrels can also be scorched or toasted to further tailor the taste.

The raw materials to make whisky are pretty basic. Barley, water, and a source of heat (traditionally peat fires). One kilogram of barley yields one liter of whisky, but you need at least 10 liters of water to make that same liter.

The whisky tour reminds me a bit of the wine tours that are popular in the Okanogan Valley. Attractive tasting rooms and buildings to help sell the image and product.

After purchasing a fist full of miniatures (hey all I have is a top case), I head over the Dallas Dhu for more whisky education.

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