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'92 Dommie in Romania

Hi everybody!
I own a black '92 Dommie since Feb. this year.
Got it from Germany in a pristine state, with 30k km.
Now it has 40k km and it's running perfectly.
Changed the standard spark plug with an Iridium one - the engine starts instantly in the morning, below 10 deg C. It can idle at lower rpm.
Changed the stock 47 teeth sprocket with a 44 - the machine runs a lot nicer on road. I don't have to change gears so often in town. Haven't checked the max speed yet. I can still do wheelies in the first gear using only the throttle.
Installed Ferrodo sintered brake pads - they squeal like hell when braking, but work fine. Seem to wear out rapidly.
Got heated grips - they're magnificent in cold weather.
The bike eats oil only when kept running for long time at hingk rpm, or after 2500 km since the last oil change. I use semi synth.
Fuel consumption - 95 petrol: ~4l/100km at 100km/h with the standard sprocket, girl and bags in the back. When using 99 grade petrol, the fuel consumption raises by 1l/100km. The engine performance doesn't seem to improve. At higher speeds, the consumption raises badly (6-7). It took 9l/100km in town wiht the 99 gas.
All parts can be ordered at the local parts shops, but they're very expensive.
There are lots o'Dommies here, in Ro, either form Germany or from Italy, where they used to be very popular.
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