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Day 14

Friday Sept. 28

From Port Joli to Yarmouth via pavement, then the Cat Ferry back to Portland, ME.

Well, after 13 days of nearly perfect weather, you knew it couldn't last. At 3am, the heavens opened up, and it started pouring rain. It wasn't particulary cold, but it certainly was wet.

We skipped coffee and breakfast, and broke camp in the rain. We had anticipated the rain, and kept everything under the tent's vestibules, but it's nearly impossible to keep stuff dry. This is where I had a revelation regarding hard vs. soft bags. The pelicans are great at keeping stuff dry if they're alrready loaded and it starts to rain. But if you're packing during a downpour, most everything is going to get wet, and once you put wet stuff in there, even the dry stuff will get damp. (And yes, we had separate inner wet and dry bags).

My new bike is going to have soft bags, and I'm much less concerned about the wet factor now... Bottom line is, as soon as the rain stops, you have to find a laundrymat or clothesline to dry stuff no matter what bags you have.

We had about 100 miles to cover, and it was all to be pavement. The beginning was on the highway, and it sucked. Trucks, wind, spray.

At Shelburne, we picked up the 203, which is a pretty and desolate alternative to the 103. We passed one other vehicle the whole way.

As soon as we got to Yarmouth, we stopped for hot coffee, and a late breakfast, the rain had subsided, and since we had 4 hours to kill before the ferry left:

Even Mr. Happy Puppet got warm and fuzzy again:

We boarded the ferry, and had an uneventful ride back to Portland:

This just doesn't seem right :

We had a great dinner at J's Oysters, and set up the tent in our hotel room to dry.

We were sad to leave Nova Scotia, but as with most vacations as they come to a close, looking forward to sleeping in our own beds.
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