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Originally Posted by jwmudd
PS: All of U-Haul vans from 10' up do come with ramps, which make loading/unloading ez
Unfortunately, that's not true...I rented a brand new 10' box truck from them and I had to sneak around and borrow a ramp from a car-hauler to put the 950 inside...

I would also agree that U-haul is not too happy to hear that you're hauling motos, so just dont mention it when youre placing your order. They didn't seem to mind when I loaded the bike in their parking lot, but who knows...

As far as securing tie-downs to the walls, I've had good experience with that -- I went to wally-world and bought a bunch of long nylon loops to tie around the walls mounting points. I used 4 tie downs and had no problems.
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