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Day 12 Thursday September 6th

Wow, I am a whole month behind on this thread... its gonna take some doing to catch up.

I woke up this morning and decided to go ahead and take the ferry to Manitoula Island.

I got there kinda late, about 15 minutes before the ferry was supposed to leave.

Coming up on the the line of cars and RVs waiting to get on the ferry.

A guy was on riding his bicycle onto the ferry, gotta respect that.
Me and him were the last ones on.

Pretty good views from the boat as we went out into the water. I've never been where I cant see the shore, except in the ocean... come to think of it I dont think I've ever been out that far in the ocean! I guess these great lakes are kinda big.

The guys who worked on the boat pointed me in the direction of some rope to tie down the bike. I didnt really trust the flimsy pieces of rope they had, so I broke out a couple of my free BMW tie down straps, kept the bike nice and safe. Its a strange feeling putting my bike into another vehicle. Pretty cool though.

I guess it felt more like an actual adventure to be strapping the bike down on a ferry in a foreign country.

Got off the ferry and rode around Manitoula Island, which was pretty cool, but there wasnt really much there (which I guess is why its cool). Mostly looked like this.

this is what the island is like, and this is how you get around for a few months without buying any maps (also a lot of getting lost is invovled, but thats half the fun now isnt it )

this was a really pretty view. Strawberry Channel or something, didnt come out so great in the photo though.

I rode across this little bridge onto the mainland, and looked for some fun roads.

I found one and went down it. A really rough dirt/mud/rock road. Then it just turned into double track with low trees all around. It didnt look like it was going anywhere, so I turned around.

On the way out two guys in a pickup are headed the opposite direction. I wave them down and ask them where the road goes. The passenger says it goes to his property, which is where the double track started. He asks if I am looking for a place to camp. I wasnt really, its kinda early, but hey Canada is getting expensive, so I tell him yes.

He says I probably dont want to camp here (the driver is going to be hunting bear tonight), but he tells me about a spot down the road, near a dam or something. I thank him and set off to find it.

His directions were easy enough to follow, and I find this place.

He told me to camp down the river a bit, where there was some sand, but it was right by the water, and there were all kinds of signs about drastically changing water level without warning, so I was kinda paranoid.

I found a fire ring up higher, closer to the dam, and set up camp.
this section seemed difficult when I did it (Colorado taught me that this was a very good road, not very rocky at all)



water at most dams is pumped from the bottom, so its nice and cold. Gotta keep the beer cold.

As I was finishing setting up camp, the pickup guy drove in and we chatted for a bit, he was a cool guy, I think he was from Michigan or something.

the sun setting behind these trees was more beautiful than my camera can capture.

Got a little fire going

It rained on and off that night, but my tent kept me dry. It was nice to not have to pay to sleep at night, especially in Canada where everything is so damn expensive.
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