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fantastic. I'd like to get up to see you soon.

as a small suggestion, you might want to stock some things that a rider would need if they broke down or were worried about it - like universal clutch cable repair and tool kits, Zip ties and Duct tape, tire patch kits and Slime tire inflators, camel bak parts, first aid kits, FrogTog or other cheap rainsuits and waterproof overgloves, Ram mount parts, batteries, seamsealer and tarp patches, non-polarized sunglasses or the strip that goes inside your faceshield to block the sun, and a bunch of impulse items like Sunblock, Advil Liquigel, Immodium - stuff like that.

at least that's the stuff that I worry about when I travel...

good luck with the new business!

"having dreams to look forward to slows time..."

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