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What Jaak said. I was also a student in this past weekend's Cornerspin class. Gentleman that he is, Jaak didn't mention that one of his crashes resulted from me taking us both down!

As Jaak described, the layout of the track is great. It replicates a number of challenging turns found at major tracks, with elevation, camber and radius variations, in miniature scale. There are several interior connections within the main circuit, so considering direction changes, there must be 20 different possible circuits.

Aaron's instructors were great. Very knowledgeable, but also very approachable with no hint of a 'tude. I was constantly getting feedback, being pulled over, getting hand signals flashed at me and sometimes by an instructor riding behind me and yelling (you can hear it!). All of it was done in a very constructive and supportive way. Thanks, Russell, Mike, Phil and Jean.

I'd highly recommend Cornerspin as money well spent before your second or third track school. Oh, yeah, about six weeks before you go, start doing an exercise like hooking your toes under the handle of a full gallon of paint and doing fifty rep sets of lifting it about eighteen inches off the floor with your quads. That might cut down on the number of days you're going to have to lift your legs in and out of your car with your hands after the class!
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