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Seat Lowering vs. Wheel Travel - no contest!

While the bike was a steal on price, it had endured hardship from the previous owner. After his big-off, he parked it, in the sun, for the daily beat down. The seat took the toll, and later I would find the same with the IMS tank.

The old busted seat cover. The previous owner had let this poor XR400 sit out in the sun every day for almost a year or so and it had gotten a little crispy on the right side. Crispy like James Browns hair after bring pent up for a week with no relaxer!

Every time I rode it just cracked open a little more and all I wanted to do is ride! But it finally came to the point that I would ruin the seat foam.
Then I got this idea!!!

Let's face it, the XR400 is tall! My pants have a 30-inch inseam and something has to give and I am not giving up wheel travel and I can't streach my legs, and NO, i'm not going to make my mx boots look like Gene Simons KISS boots! No way, but it would be funny!

So it's time to lower the seat!

Did some ThumperTalk and 4strokes reading and got some ideas and finally it was just time to start...

There is this soft top foam, so i remove this layer first as I intend to reuse it.

Then I started drawing measuring and just trying to figure it all out.

Looked at it from every angle to make sure it was level and even.

And then I went to town! Just started hacking with the hack saw blade and tried my best to keep it even across the cut of the foam.

Hey honey! Where is that electric kitchen carving knife and those pumpkin carving tools!?!?!?!


I sand the edges to round it a bit for shape, to take the edge off.

Wrapped up the seat with an all-black N-Style seat cover and I am good to go!!

Painted my front fender black too! Thought I was going to be doing some night riding with the stock light - YEA! RIGHT! I could not get to second gear as the light source was just too weak! More on that later.
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