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Day 15 Sunday September 9

In Balsam Lake on my way out of town I saw this rig.

Never seen a KLR with a sidecar . Wish I coulda met whoever owned this beast, I just want to see what the owner of a KLR with sidecar looks like.

I ended up at some caves. I forgot to write down what caves they were, but it was somewhere south of Balsam Lake.

gotta watch your head in this one

Pretty cool stuff, I dont think I've been in a cave since I was a real little guy.

after the caves, I hit the road again.

Had to stop and take a pic of these fields cuz they look so damn cool. Wish I had a wider lens

I ended up at Beaver state park or somehting like that.

Coming across a small stream that went across the road, I thought hmmm my first real water crossing. It was about 2 inches deep, so I thought nothing of it, and was staring off to the side when my back tire slipped away and I hit the ground hard. One day with my combat boots, and the bike lands on 'em... I guess thats what they're made for right.

I take the bags off of the bike so I can get it up easier. And I only have to unsnap the right side, because I ripped off both of the straps on the left side . I get the beast upright and find a camping spot.

I built a fire and then set up my tent... never again will I do it in that order. My tent pole snapped. I had been using this ultra cheap Eureka Solo something or other, one person tent. Its only got two poles, and the front one split along a whole section. Well there was no hope of me being able to fix it and the sun was going down, so I decided to head out.

I found a hotel in Caledonia, MN and shacked up there for the night.

Sorry, no pics of the crash. I have this thing where I dont like fluids pouring out of my bike while I stop to take a pic of it first. If you want a pic of my bike down, you had better ride behind me.
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