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Day 16 Monday September 10

I got up early this morning, planning to get an early start (i shoulda known better, me and early starts dont get along).

It was dumping rain outside. I took full advantage of the continental breakfast, and stuffed myself full of bagels and donuts and coffee while watching the weather channel. Looked like if I went north and west just a bit I could get out of it.

As I was checking out the lady said I could stay later if I wanted to wait for it to clear up... I'm kinda a smartass when it comes to the rain and riding a bike, so I told her a little rain never hurt anybody.

Eventually it did clear up, and I got over into Iowa and tried to use roads that looked like this.

With signs like this

as much as possible... notice the dark grin above

if its gonna be flat and straight, it had better be dirty.

Pretty cool wind mills out there in the fields. Those jokers are massive!

ended up in LeMars, IA. Actually I'm not sure if its Le Mars or LeMars or Lemars, as I saw it written all of those ways, but signs assured me its the icecream capital of the world... in that case I definitely have to have a hotdog.

Any motel that puts a roadsign above the bed is definitely my kinda place.

Stayed here for the night.
My Ride to Souff Uh Merika... interupted
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