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Day 17 Tuesday September 11

I left Le Mars today and drove thru Sioux City to Nebraska.

In Nebraska I was doing the same thing that I did in IA, just getting off of the main road and taking dirt roads in the general direction that I was trying to head Colorado's west right?

Well in Nebraska if they say a road isnt maintained, they ARE NOT lying. I almost dumped it in the mud here

thick soft nasty stuff.

One road ended up turning into sand. Where the hell did sand come from?

This pic is AFTER I picked the bike back up.

When I dumped it on this road, gas was POURING out of my tank around the plastic cap. Upon closer inspection I dont have a gasket in there wonder when I lost that!

All around this part of the country I started seeing this at the gas pump. 90 octane with ethanol for cheaper than 87 octane.

When your wheels look like this, you know its an adventure.

I ended up in Gothenburg, NE for the night, at a motel just off of the freeway.

I got dinner at a little restaurant, and as I was coming in, a guy with Aerostitch boots all geared up for riding was coming out. I asked him if it was his KLR outside, and it was, he was headed for death valley.
My Ride to Souff Uh Merika... interupted
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