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Day 19 Thursday September 13

The ROCKIES!!! wicked, I've been missing some mountains.

Even the interstate was reasonable. I HATE interstates with a passion, but 70 was actually kinda fun!

seemed wierd to me all this water way up here in the sky

Not the best picture I ever took, but proof that I was actually here

the scenery changes so quickly out here, one minute your in a pine forest, then over the next summit you're in a desert

Stopped at a rest stop about 100 miles past Vail. An old guy there was real helpful and gave me one of the free maps, he even highlighted a route he suggested to me. It was a pretty damn good route too.

Stuff most of us dont see everyday!

They've even got nice cars... well it would be nice if he gave it to me.

I wound my way into Telluride. When I got close, they closed the road for 15 minutes or so for construction. Seemed like bad timing to me with all the people coming in today for the festival.

I set up camp in the park, my new tent seemed really nice (at least compared to the one person tent I was using before.

Had dinner at a Mexican joint, it was decent.

Had a couple of drinks at a bar. This "woodsie", I think that's what he called himself, he lives in the woods and comes in and plays his guitar on the streets to make money for food and whatnot (basically a homeless guy... like me), sits beside me. He was really cool, called himself Mr. Ed. Apparently he plays a 12 string guitar and it seems like everbody who lives there knows him. The bartender gave him a free beer when he said he was out of cash. He had some interesting stories, and he told me about a bear breaking into his tent at night... that didnt sit well for all the camping I would do alone in the Rockies. If you ever see a guy in Telluride playing a 12 string guitar, give him a couple bucks and stop and listen, he's got a lot of stories to tell.
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