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Day 24 Tuesday September 18

I left town without filling the tank. Thought I was gonna run out of gas but finally found a station. My makeshift gasket had been distorted by the gasoline, and fell all the way into the tank.

Luckily this morning I had bought a roll of gasket material from the radio shack/hardware store where I also replace my broken ipod charger.

Off the side of the road again I fabbed another gasket and threw it on.

I saw a fun road off to the side of the highway and took it. A few miles down it said that the road was out further along. Sounds like a challenge to me!

a guy off to the side (construction worker maybe??? wasnt doing much work) said I could probably make it. He didnt know what the other side was like though.

I went down the ditch. It was kinda loose, but I woulda made it if I didnt slow down so much at the bottom ( i got scared of a big ol rock) didnt have enough momentum and dumped it going up the other side. I picked it back up and walk/clutched it up the last 20 feet of the washout.

Cool, it turned out to be a pass, and the first time I've seen the Continental Divide. As you must, I took a piss on both sides of the continental divide.

This friggin gate was on the other side though, much harder to get around than the one on the other side. Actually this isnt the gate, its just the warning sign, the gate was 150 yards or so down the road. Had to give it the ADVrider salute

some nice views on the other side of the little pass

See I was there. Damn rock wont keep the camera level though

Wound my way down into a town called Salida (I think, thats what I wrote in my journal anyway, correct me if I'm wrong). Just to the side of this city is a very symettrical little mountain with a road spiraling all the way to the top. I gotta hit that. I actually failed to get a photo of it thought, but here is one from the top, you got no depth preception, but thats three spirals down of the road you can see.

Met a nice couple at the top, who rode their mountain bikes all the way up. They took a pic of me and the bike.

Then off down some other dirt roads. Came to this creek.

I walked downstream about 50 feet or so and found a fast moving, shallower place to cross. I was proud of myself that I didnt dump it here, as I had to ride through a combination of soft sand, mud, and hard baked mut ruts, then across the water.

Roads got kinda boring after that point. I hit some little town for lunch/dinner. I got there just before closing at 4:00 , I guess they dont have much business there.

Ended up in Pikes Peak National forest or something like that.

decent place, only $10, restroom, but no showers.
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