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Day 25 Wednesday September 19

I was a little paranoid about bears last night, because I was the ONLY one at the campground, and Mr. Ed's stories about his tent being broken into in the middle of the night by hungry bears combined with all the bear warning signs posted in the campground didnt make for a great night of sleep.

Plus it got cold.

a lady at the visitor center told me it was only getting down to 39 degrees or so. I guess she was wrong.

I didnt get a good shot of it, but the sun coming up thru the trees was pretty cool.

I got my fire started again and tried to warm up before packing up and hitting the road.

As I came out of the campground, I turned onto the highway right behind one of those new BMW's what is it, X-challenge or something, the dirtbike ones. He turned off after a little while, wierd bike, with only one little alum pannier, and foreign plates (they turned out to be german).

I followed a sign for Pike's Peak, but ended up going the wrong way. No problem, the road that I was on turned out to be an old railway line that was abandoned after the gold rush ended.

it went thru some canyons, pretty cool road.

Eventually I ended up finding my way to Pikes Peak.

Good God, $10 just to ride a road for 18 miles???? Oh well, when am I gonna be here again.

The road was very scenic. It was around 80 degrees at the bottom. They annnounced that it was 37 degrees. And somebody had built a snowman!

It's crazy being up that high, I had trouble thinking clearly and felt mildly buzzed the whole time.

In the parking lot, I saw the BMW from earlier today. Inside the gift shop I saw a guy in the BMW powerranger suit. He turned out to be a German guy doing the trans am trail, and then to Copper Canyon, then maybe a ship to Peru, so hopefully we run into each other again. Good luck Eric, wherever you are now.


it's 40+ degrees warmer down there!

It looks fun, but really its so tight, and theres so many suvs and cars, that its not much fun. Great views though!

Ended up in Castle Rock for the night.
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