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Day 26 Thursday Septemeber 20

I left early this morning, since I was supposed to meet up with Matt at the dealership and get my barkbusters.

I ended up not being able to have them put em on, and just took em along with me. Matt wasnt there, apparently his kid was in the hospital or something, hope everything is okay.

As I left Denver, I almost killed myself. I was stuck in traffic, waiting for a redlight. I decided to go into the left turn lane. I didnt signal, but I did check my mirrors, and I cant remember for sure, but I always actually turn my head and look too. As soon as I pulled out I hear tires screeching, for a split second I thought I might be spinning my rear tire. Then I see an Audi doing a nose dive in my rearview mirror RIGHT UP ON MY ASS!!

He pulled up beside me at the light, and I apologized, he let it go. I didnt though, I almost got squished, I gotta be more careful.

I went back thru Idaho Springs. When I pulled off of the road, a minivan pulled up beside me. Apparently the guy had seen my Kilimanjaro Jacket, and he was a First Gear salesguy or something. He had all the brand new jackets in the back of his van. He showed them too me. Pretty nice, I guess, cool guy though, even gave me some good advice for roads, but I wasnt able to follow them.

it was a nice time of year to be in Colorado.

I ended up stopping in Glenwood Springs. I was in a shitty mood, and didnt feel like camping. Didnt really feel like riding, but you gotta get where you're going.
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