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Day 27 Friday September 21

I felt much better this morning than I did yesterday.

This was at the side of the road on 133 I believe.

The past few days I've been thinking "man I dont know if it can get much better than this" (it can)

I wound my way around to Grand Junction and to the interstate.

Now we all know that I despise interstates, but my map really didnt show any other road that I could take (well it was one of those free maps from the visitor center).

So I get on the interstate and am promptly greeted with a sign that says "next services 54 miles" wow, thats a long way.

I do about 40 of those miles, and then decide to get off on an exit, I cant take much more. Luckily the exit actually ends up to be heading where I am trying to go, but this sign is right after I get off of the highway.

Glad I filled up in Grand Junction!

This road turned out to be much much better than the interstate.

I find a BLM campsite off the side of the road for $5. Dont bother to even throw the rainfly on tonight, as it is warm and clear. Pretty cool to be able to look up out of the tent and see the stars.
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