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Day 29 Sunday September 23

I woke up early this morning, feeling something wet.

Apparently during the night, I had been using the Camelback for a pillow, without turning the bite valve off. So almost a full 2 liters of water had soaked everything inside my tent. It ruined an off road map I had bought the day before, and soaked my journal and one of my books. Surprisingly my sleeping bag kept the water off of my, and I keep my clothes and whatnot in dry bags, so it wasnt so bad. I tried to get as much water out as I could with my sock.

yup there was some rain too, it wasnt like that when I parked it!

My footprint for the tent was covered in mud. I put it back in its own bag and tied it to the outisde of my bike. When I got into town I realized that the footprint had ripped thru the bag and god only knows what happened to it.

I had installed my bark busters last night, but was missing a hex key to tighten up some of the bolts. I hit a local autoparts store and it was only 75 cents. Sweet.

I checked in to a hotel for the next two days, so I can leave my gear as I go hit some 4wd trails tomorrow.

It is VERY hard to find a restaurant in Moab on sunday afternoon. At a closed Pancake Haus, I parked beside a GS. He told me the restaurant was closed. He was from Seattle and said "oh, i guess you came farther than I did" that surprised me. I'm closer to Seattle than Charlotte??? Seattle seems so far away.
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