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Day 30

A month on the road. Its really not all that hard to get used to. I could do this for a long long time.

I got up and threw some water in my tank panniers, leaving the rest of my luggage in the room. i think I dropped a little over 100 pounds off of the beast (that's kinda becoming her name... except in mexico it will be la bestia) feels a lot better in the dirt.

***damn this damn library it wont let me right click, so i wont be able to add the photos right now, and i gotta smash the space bar to make it work--- I will add photos later when I get to a better library***

The road started out like this

it quickly wound down to a small water crossing. i splashed thru.

then i came around to a deeper wider water crossing. Shouldnt have been a problem, but I've been paranoid about water crossings since I crashed it in Iowa (or Minnesota, or wherever that was). I waited, and a few pickups came thru, one guy said he didnt have 4wd, but he had a cabin back there that he went to all the time. Some dirt bikes ran thru with no problem, so I went ahead and splashed thru. I took a high line, so that i wouldnt have to get into the ruts that the trucks were making, and had to smash thru a 18" high mud wall on the other side... it was fun.

Lots of photos today, because there was lots of stuff to take photos of. And very few people to be in the way when you take photos.

I went all the way out to Chicken Corner and walked around it. The height probably woulda scared me a month ago, but Colorado basically removed most of my fear of heights. I climbed up on the rocks on top of Chicken Corner and just took in the view for a little bit. Waaaay down in the river you could see a couple of boats floating down.

On my way back I took the other fork at one of the intersections that my map had on it. It said the track was DD (their most difficult rating), but I figured I'd ride it til I felt like turning around.

I did, and somewhere along the lines i took a wrong turn. The track kept going over slickrock and up dry creek beds, and I eventually lost it and got turned around. I realized that the only tracks I was following were my own, and every time I doubled back I was just making more of my own tracks to confuse myself with. At one point, I thought I was still following my own tracks, but it seemed a lot steeper and more rocky than I remembered. I crashed a couple times, once on each side for good measure.

After the second crash I decided to walk the trail and figure out where the hell I was. I walked up the trail about a mile or a mile and a half, to where it got really high, and I could see the way out. I hiked back down and turned the bike around. Apparently where I had went wrong the trail makes a sharp left turn which you cant see very well, and there is a very obvious track straight ahead that goes nowhere.

All in all I was lost from about 11:30 to 2:30 and durring that time I didnt see or even hear another vehicle. Made me glad that I brought extra water even though I didnt need it and coulda walked my way out at any time. Kinda makes you think though.

I found this spot to ride my bike out on for a pic. It was just a narrow strip of canyon wall, with 1000 ft drop off on every side.

pretty chill spot

On my way back towards Kanecreek Rd, my bike started feeling really wierd. I thought it might be a flat, so I pulled over. I could smell my brakes, and the front was locked up. As soon as I pulled off, this guy on an AtV with his wife pulled over too, and he helped me figure out how to get back. I just opened the bleeder valve to release the pressure.

On the way back out I stopped to take some pics of the petroglyphs off to the side of the road. They were pretty cool.

I went into town and got on the internet to ask all the helpful ADVriders out there what I broke. There were lots of opinions.

When I had dinner at a chinese spot, I ran into the AtV guy again.
My Ride to Souff Uh Merika... interupted

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