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Hey, you've got my Dommie!

Oi Keef! You've got my (old) dommie..or at least the same model as I used to (sniffle) have. Didn't buy it from Canberra did you? Since the Dommie, have been through a variety of bikes, most recently F650GS Dakar, now Husky TE250. I miss it. Was far more dirt capable than the GS (tho the seat wasn't as good), and quite capable of a good long run. I used it to commute regularly between Newcastle-Canberra, and would take it on as many dirt roads in between as I could find. Seriously good, versatile bikes. Hard to find with low k's now tho. Yours doesn't happen to have a scratch up the right side of the tank does it? Have always wondered where my old dommie might have ended up..
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