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Day 33 September 27

Grand Canyon, AZ South Rim

There was construction this morning, so I had a very frustrating time finding the Honda dealer. I bought a can of chain lube and a couple bolts that had vibrated off a few thousand miles ago.

I ate breakfast (more like lunch by then) at a place called Hot Dawgs or somthing like that. Had a couple chili dogs. They were pretty good.

Then I rode on up to the Grand Canyon. Man that is a pretty big hole in the ground. You lose all depth perception looking at it.

I got a spot at the camp ground for the next three nights.

As I was going to fill up my camel back, I noticed another lone bike. I went over to say hi, and I see he's got NC plates.
"Hey, you from North Carolina?"
"what part?"
"No way"

Apparently we both left Charlotte within a week of each other, and were both at 7-8,000 miles into our trip. Wierd. The first biker I run into on a long trip is from the same city as me... I guess thats just how we get down in Charlotte. Me and Jonathon decide to hang out tomorrow, and maybe go hike some of the Canyon.

We have some drinks and call it a night... a pretty damn cold night.
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