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Day 34 Friday September 28

Grand Canyon, AZ South Rim

If you ever come to the grand canyon, be sure to fill up your gas tank at least 100 miles before the park. I waited and as I got closer gas got more and more expensive. I hit reserve in the park, and had to fill up for 3.40 a gallon... it was only 2.60 a gallon in flagstaff the day before.

We hike down the South Kaibob trail. The plan was to turn around at skeleton point, but we werent all that clear on where skeleton point was, there arent really any signs out there. It was 3 miles and 2000 feet down.

See that big rock sticking up in the pic. When we got down to that section we decided to climb around on it for a little bit. Pretty cool spot.

This is sitting on the rock, you can see the trail go down, and then we had to climb up the rock face to get to where we are now.

Not a bad looking place

That's the trail we were taking.

all the steep parts are covered in mule crap. I wonder if the steep parts scare it out of them

On the way back up we saw a Big Horn Sheep, but it was too far away to get a good photo.

Back at camp there were some deer that came right up behind our tents.

We got some beer and firewood and hotdogs from the grocery store and that was dinner.
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