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Day 35 Saturday September 29

Grand Canyon, AZ South Rim

Damn birds. We had left a bag of doritos out last night (unopened) these birds had ripped it open and eaten the entire thing. There werent even any crumbs or left over chips.

Jonathon left this morning, headed for 4 corners, and then probably home after that.

I got some laundry done and then went hiking on the west side of the canyon rim.

The rock we were climbing on yesterday

Animals around here just arent afraid of people.

That guy just crawled up on my leg and hung out for a minute.

It was very windy today, and cold (well to me at least).

See the river waaay down there

I had dinner and a beer at Maswik Lodge in the park, and then finished reading Heart of Darkness before I went to sleep. It was an okay book I guess, just not as interesting as I had thought it would be.
My Ride to Souff Uh Merika... interupted
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