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Day 36 Sunday September 30

Kingsman, AZ

It got very cold last night. After I took a shower, I checked out the map in the laundry room. Looked decent, so I took it with me, in digital form.

There were a couple of dirt roads that looked like they headed in the general direction of where I was headed (west), so I set out to find them.

hmmmmm we seem to have a luggage problem here.

I pulled out one of my BMW tie down straps, which the dealer in Matthews, NC had given me for free, and used that to secure the bag to the frame I had a long loose end hanging down though (more on that later).

Shortly after I took that pic I dropped my bike. It was sad. I had pulled over, and was trying to fish my camera out of my pocket, so I could check the map. I didnt put the kickstand down, and I was using both hands, so I just leaned too far, and down the bike went... at least she doesnt leak so much gas now when I drop it. I had to take my freshly rigged bags off of the bike though to lighten it enough to get it upright.

After a while and past a couple of gates I came to this one.

I went thru it, but when I tried to get the gate back closed, it just wouldnt fit. Maybe I was too weak, or maybe there was some trick to it, but I couldnt figure it out for the life of me, so I grabbed a piece of barbed wire off of the ground and made an extra loop so I could get it closed.

that'll have to do.

Shortly afterwards, I came to an area where there were a bunch of T intersections, and I really wasnt sure where I was any more. A guy was in his pickup truck off the side of the road, and I asked him. Apparently I was headed towards the indian reservation ("the res" he called it) and there really wasnt anything up there. He pointed me in the right direction though. So back thru my customized gate and across these bad roads again.

Its hard to tell from these pics, but these roads were pretty rutted, and sometimes the ruts were soft sand, somtimes they were hard baked mud, with no easy way to tell which.

The roads he sent me down were really really rocky, and went thru the middle of nowhere. I started worrying that I didnt have enough water.

Eventually I came to an open area and had a snack by this tree.

At least no one was around to see me running like a fool in my boots to try and get back in time for this photo.

After a little bit, I caught the main road... I think this was the one I was supposed to be on all along, but I ended up taking it almost all the way back to where I started. Nice and smooth... and really really straight.

After that time consuming experience, I decided to stick to roads with signs. Which alas, meant I would have to stay on paved roads.

I took the paved roads all the way into Kingsman, AZ. But lots of that was route 66 which is a reasonable road. At the motel I stayed in, the lady at the desk said there was a whole Route 66 museum. Route 66 is cool and all that I guess, but I didnt really want to see a museum about it.
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