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Day 37, Monday October 1

Las Vegas, NV

I got breakfast this morning at a diner called Hot Rod Cafe. It had a bunch of photos of cool old cars taken out in front of the cafe plastered all over the walls. I shoulda taken some pics of it.

I rode on down and across the Hoover Dam. Wow! I didnt know it was such a tourist spot. I didnt stop to take any pics there. I did notice that the water level above the dam was pretty low (compared to the water marks on the canyon wall) hope they dont run out of water around here.

I went to an REI in Vegas to try and find a footprint for my tent. They didnt have one, but told me to buy some painters drop cloth at Home Depot and make one myself.

No pics today.

I got a room at a Motel 6 for a couple of days and hit the Casinos. Lost $180 playing poker.
My Ride to Souff Uh Merika... interupted
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