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Day 39 Wednesday October 3

Tonopah, NV

I hit the Honda shop in Vegas for a couple quarts of oil and a filter.

Headed north into the desert and saw this sign off the side of the road.

In case you cant read all that, it says something about how they test nuclear missles here for "defence and peaceful uses of nuclear explosives" Peaceful nuclear explosives ???? I think by definition explosives cannot be peaceful... especially nuclear ones. That one had me laughing for the next 5 miles.

Outside of Tonopah, I saw these hills with dirt roads carved all over them.

Looked pretty fun, so I rode around them for a minute. I was gonna camp somewhere around there, but the ground was so rocky, and I didnt have a ground cloth, plus there were these no trespassing signs every once in a while, so I rolled into town and got a cheap motel. Tonopah is supposed to be the #1 place for stargazing in the US. I think because its high dry desert and there isnt anything for a few hundred miles in any direction, but it didnt seem especially spectacular or anything.
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