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Day 41 Friday October 5

Sacramento, CA

It was COLD in the morning. As I hit the road it started to rain... wait thats not rain...

its hard to see in that picture, but THAT'S SNOW!!!

And a lot of it... at least to me, a southern boy.

I pulled off and had some food at the subway, called some friends and tried to wait for the snow to go away. It let up for a little bit, so I hit the road.

Apparently the road has to go over a mountain, 7000 feet or so this isnt gonna be fun. I stopped to warm up at a convenience store which was called "Base Camp" also a bad sign.

A guy in the store tells me how to avoid the highway and get over the mountain on old 40. I take it. Its really hard keeping the visor clear of fog and snow at the same time. I was half blind most of the time.

trying to keep my breath off of the face shield

Near the top.

At least there isnt much traffic here, but it sure is cold. I have to stop to warm my hands ever 10 miles or so.

More of this stuff than I ever wanted to see while riding a motorcycle.

I make my way over the mountain eventually, and as I get down into Sacramento, its 80 degrees. At least I got through the snow without crashing.
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