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Day 42 Saturday October 6

County Park near Stockton, CA

I fulfilled one of my goals today. I ate a cheeseburger at Squeeze Inn in Sacramento. I had seen it on TV back home a few months ago, and I told my friends that if I was ever out there I was definitely gonna get one. So when I decided to ride out, I had to come thru here. The line was long, but the food was good. I even got a seat inside (i think there are only 8 or 9 seats) so I could watch them make the burgers.

You may commence drooling...

yeah, theres a good bit of cheese on that sammich.

I spent some time at the library today, uploading photos, and didnt really leave Sacramento until 4:00

I did my usual just pick a road that looks like its going in the right direction. It didnt work so great today, because there are a bunch of rivers/canals that you have to cross at certain points.

I did wander into this area though.

Which was pretty cool. There were a bunch of campgrounds, but the only one with an attendant said that they were for members only.

So I hit the interstate south for a little while.

Got off of the road just past Stockton, CA and found a little County Park with camping. The lady there was really rude and bitchy, running up to me before I even got off of the bike to see if I put my money in the little pipe thingy yet. But the campsite had electricity, so I could charge my phone and camera batteries, and nice soft grass so that I wouldnt rip a hole in my tent (still dont have a ground cloth). They even had hot showers FOR FREE... sweet.
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